Mt. Lakes Board of Education

Wildwood Elementary School:

  • New Main Entrance Security Vestibule
  • Renovation / Expansion of Existing Kitchen / Cafeteria with New Kitchen Equipment
  • New Upgraded Mechanical Systems, Lighting
  • New Pedestrian Walkways, Curbing, Paving, and Landscaping


Briarcliff Middle School:

  • New Main Entrance Security Vestibule
  • Renovation of Two Existing Classrooms for a New Science Room.
  • Renovation of existing 2nd Floor suite on the Second Floor for new Maker Space.
  • Upgraded mechanical systems, new lighting, finishes

Mountain Lakes High School:

  • New Main Entrance Security Vestibule
  • Renovation / Reconfiguration of Main Office for the Principals Office & Office Staff.
  • New addition of approximately 23,000 square feet which includes Twelve (12) new classrooms, Corridor Space and Boys & Girls Restrooms.
  • New Mechanical Systems, Lighting, Fire Alarm, & Fire Protection
  • Exterior upgrades- Revised Parking Lot Layout for Additional Parking Spaces and Pedestrian Access, Exterior Lighting, Landscaping

Hudson County Community College, Student Center

The construction work will include complete demo/renovation of approximately 26,000 sf, two story building which has a mezzanine level basement. Plans call for the installation of new HVAC systems, sprinklers, elevators, emergency generator and a direct indoor connection adjoining the Student Center to the neighboring HCCC Gabert Library. The existing roof will be replaced.

The first floor plans include a student lounge, sandwich and refreshments café and security command center. The second floor will house offices for student organizations, as well as multi-purpose room for events and meetings and an open lounge. The lower level includes office space for the colleges Security, Facilitates, and Custodial Services Departments, and storage space.

Hudson County Community College, Master Plan Tower 2017

Hudson County Community College has completed their updated Master Plan 2017. The Master Plan for future development identifies a new mixed-use Academic Building to be constructed on Jones Street, within the Journal Square Campus. The new mixed-use academic building will create a vertical campus of approx. 136,000 SF when completed and will rise to nine (9) stories in height. The Building will include a new gymnasium with support space, book store, classrooms, and administration offices.

Hudson County Schools of Technology Applied Science Academy

MAST was approved by the Hudson County Schools of Technology (HCST) to provide professional construction management services in support of the Applied Science Academy in late 2016. The new 53,271-square-foot addition accommodates 150 students and 10 faculty members and support staff. The facility also includes a gymnasium, a wellness room, a fitness training room and 11 academic classrooms.

Drew University Hall of Sciences Biology Laboratory Renovations

Total renovation of Drew University Hall of Sciences biology laboratories and linking corridor.  Installations included:

  • Laboratory tabletops, cabinetry, and storage
  • Fully renovated, upgraded, and expanded lighting, electrical, fire suppression, and gas and plumbing services
  • Acid waste piping and deionized water supply at every station
  • Complete rewiring for state-of-the-art information technology services and audio-visual teaching aides
  • Custom millwork, lab equipment, and ventilation to perform experiments in a safe, contained manner

Hudson County School of Technology High Tech High School

MAST was selected to serve as Construction Manager for the design-build of the new Hudson County High Tech High School.  Ted Domuracki, Principal In Charge, served as a key member of the selection panel for the design-build group, which was awarded to Terminal Construction/DMR Architects.

MAST coordinated the production of the basis of design of the bridge team, consisting of architecture, information technology, security, and engineering consultants.

High Tech High School is comprised of four schools of vocational education that will be organized around a core of shared activity spaces and resources. The layout shall provide for an open environment that supports discovery and interaction. Each academy should have an identifiable character that represents the category of study. The school is a teaching resource for both day and night class sessions, as well as utilized for county wide events during non-school hours. This facility includes a parking structure that provides 360 spaces.

Hudson County Community College New Library

This project is the construction of a new 6-story Library and Classroom Building on 71 Sip Avenue that will become part of the Hudson County Community College campus. The third of the College’s from-the-ground-up construction efforts, the new building will include 117,000 SF of space and will house a 33,000 SF Library on the first two floors. The Library space has been designed to accommodate traditional, printed collections as well as e-books and digital media, computer stations, wireless Internet service, power stations for laptops, and casual seating and a coffee bar for students, faculty and staff.

Floors three through five will house approximately 30 classrooms in traditional, computer lab and tiered lecture hall designs each to fit an average of 35 students and 3 faculty offices. The top floor, which is stepped back from the street, will include a rooftop terrace with views of the New York Harbor and the Hudson and Hackensack Rivers, as well as a large lobby/exhibition area (for progressive art installations, lectures and student gatherings). The top floor design includes three flexible-size classrooms with moveable partitions that will provide the College with a large venue for special events, programs and lectures.

Bergen County Special Services School District

Bergen County Special Services has planned to house their Autism Programs in a single location and construct a new educational and administration facility. The building will consist of instructional rooms and offices for the middle and high schools of the New Bridges Program and the Adult Stepping Stone Program. There will also be a three story administrative building for the Bergen County Technical and Special Services School District. The building totals 125,000 SF and is comprised of the following elements:

  • 16,150 SF Adult Stepping Stone Program including 10 classrooms and a Life Skills instructional room.
  • 28,270 SF New Bridges High School including 16 classrooms, an art/music classroom, greenhouse, Life Skills instructional room, and fitness room.
  • 10,850 SF New Bridges Middle School including 12 classrooms.
  • Two cafeterias with a full-service kitchen and a gymnasium.


  • 6,205 S.F. for the Educational Enterprises Training Center.
  • 15,975 SF Board of Education Administrative Office space.
  • 1,500 SF District data center with UPS backup.
  • Two 400kW natural gas backup generators.