Daylight Transport New Cross Dock Facility

Daylight Transport is a LTL Freight Carrier and has embarked on constructing a new 100-bay cross-dock facility in Jersey City, NJ

Newark Arena Area Road Circulation & Infrastructure Improvements

MAST, Owner’s Representative for the Newark Housing Authority, oversaw the arena redevelopment project.  This major redevelopment and infrastructure improvement in Newark is of great significance.  MAST took on the additional role of Construction Manager, responsible for the completion of the infrastructure surrounding Prudential Center.  The cost of the project is in excess of $55M, which is part of the $430M redevelopment plan. The project included roadway

Harrison Infrastructure Improvements

MAST, Project Manager for the Harrison Redevelopment Agency, is overseeing the Harrison Infrastructure Improvements.  This is a major redevelopment and infrastructure improvement in Harrison and as such is of great significance. The project included roadway realignment reconstruction, utility relocations and coordination with all of the re-developers.  Responsibilities for the project include negotiating cost saving measures for the infrastructure work. The re-developers pick up costs based on redevelopment utility demands.  Additional responsibilities also included coordination of utilities between re-developers and engineers during design and construction.

Harrison Commons Parking Garage

The Harrison Commons Parking Garage located at the corner of Third & Somerset Streets in Harrison provides parking for 1,465 vehicles to support local residential developments as well as parking for the Red Bull Soccer Stadium.

The structure is at grade, plus five and one-half supported levels totaling 435,000 SF with a building footprint of 95,000 SF. At 6 stories, the structure consists of a precast concrete system with a sandblast aggregate finish. Pedestrian circulation is provided by hydraulic elevator and three stair towers.

This new parking facility is part of the overall revitalization of the historic Harrison waterfront.

Bergen County Maintenance Garage and Fuel Storage Facility

MAST managed the relocation of the Maintenance Garage and Fuel Storage facility located on South River Street between Van Wettering Place and East Broadway. This new 6,600 SF single story, county vehicle maintenance garage and fuel storage facility includes:

  • three vehicle bays
  • a drive-through oil change bay
  • offices to accommodate 3 work stations & a private office
  • locker rooms
  • a generator area

On site will be parking for employees and service vehicles as well as fuel storage for 10,000 gallons of fuel

Montclair Parking Garage

The Montclair Parking Garage, located at Bay and Pine Streets adjacent to the Montclair train station accommodates both local commuters and nearby residents. As the area flourishes with restaurants, shopping, theatres and businesses, it relies heavily on this new parking garage. The three and one half story 79,000 SF structure, provides parking for 225 vehicles. With a building footprint of 24,000 SF, the garage consists of a precast concrete system with a brick inlay on the façade. There is an interconnecting single helix ramp and pedestrian circulation is provided by a hydraulic elevator and two stair towers.